About Us

Military DVRs is a business division of Goldtec Technologies Ltd. Goldtec Technologies Ltd was established in 1989 and has been involved in countless military and civil projects, as a system provider, an integrator or as the main contractor providing turn key projects.

The company specializes in rugged Military Digital Video, Audio, Data recorders (DVRs) and Streamers with cutting edge miniature technology including near-real-time streaming, H. 264 & H.265 compression, low power consumption, Digital & Analog inputs, and optional RF Data link as well as other systems for naval, land and air applications.

Our core focus is developing, producing and marketing unique video and audio solutions for all military environments such as tactical operators, armed vehicles, ships, and airborne platform or a missile unit.

Our special operational engineers together with our strong marketing team relates to the various customer needs and allows us to design and manufacture standard and unique products in both small and large scale production quantities, with fast response times to meet any customer-specific requirements, as well as to modify or upgrade products to meet customer- specific applications in an efficient and cost effective manner.

The company operates a Quality Management System and is approved for ISO9001-2015
About Us
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