Land Forces

MDVR3000 (Military Digital Video and Data Recorder) is used as a "commander screen" in the following activities:

1. Land forward observation (military/border/drug)- Using thermal sight or observation systems units go to the field for long periods to look for irregularities'. The systems and sight are operated by a user, the commander uses the screen to comfortably view for long hours and have the ability to bring critical video evidence. 

2. Police stakeouts- When looking through a window or vehicle at a stake out our screen connects to the system and can be mounted on a tripod allowing long and comfortable viewing. Furthermore, the system has a buffer feature that always streams the last 5 minutes. When recording the buffer is sent to a save file and continues recording thus allowing history of events to be recorded.

The features that the end user gets from using our product are-

+Commander situational awareness- while using the capabilities of the missile/observation system without interfering in its operation and thus applying Command and Control.

+Critical evidence recording with USB downloading- this feature along with a buffer ability is what brings evidence of operation to the 9'oclock news, investigation, and courts.

+Comfortable long duration viewing- extremely important and understood in the modern battlefield were mission are long and require constant awareness. 

+Team communication- because the MDVR gets it feed live from the system the ROE (Rules of Engagement) discussion is possible, "is that a gun?" "Is that a mortar on top of the vehicle?"

+Debriefing- Live field debriefing of actions.

+Simple BNC connector

The advantage of the screen is that it is MILSTD allowing to be in the harshest field condition. Has very low power consumption (allows 8 hours of operation). Has recording ability! Brings back critical video and audio. This is ideal for units/forces who invest lots of time and money in operation and would gain advantage if they had proof of what they saw. This product is the one that brings field activity and evidence to the 9 o'clock news and reflects good on the decision makers. 

Land Forces