Armored Vehicles

MDVR3000 (Military Digital Video and Data Recorder) is used as a recorder and "commander screen" inside tanks and armored vehicles operation.

Many vehicles in the defense industry have observation/deadly weapon systems on top of them. The systems are operated by a complicated operation system that an operator activities from the back seat after undergoing a professional operation course. The commander in the front/top seat uses our MDVR3000 to see the area of operation and have his situation awareness and ability to record and report back.

The commander screen is also the ROE (Rules of Engagement) insurance card for the team.

Using the MDVR3000, the commander can record all activity that is happening in the field and all the communication that is heard using the integral speaker and microphone.

The commander uses the unit to perform live interrogation and briefing of his forces using the playback ability.

The advantage of the screen is that it is MILSTD allowing to be in the harshest field condition. Has very low power consumption (allows 8 hours of operation). Has recording ability! Brings back critical video and audio. This is ideal for units/forces who invest lots of time and money in operation and would gain advantage if they had proof of what they saw. This product is the one that brings field activity and evidence to the 9 o'clock news and reflects good on the decision makers. 

Armored Vehicles