Control Rooms

To contend with today's increasingly sophisticated and integrated multi-system environments, command and control (c2) centers, mission ground, aircraft and naval platforms, need to have a clear understanding of what is really happening across the full "system of systems" – data flow, operator and sensors performance, interaction between units and systems, doctrine and procedures etc. c2 systems must not only handle multi-sensor, real-time data, but also record and replay such information for in-operation playbacks, online technical analysis, debriefing and training purposes.

To meet these vital needs, we have the "HindSight" record, replay and debriefing system. The system simultaneously records and replays data from multiple systems and sources including high-resolution computer screens, analog or digital audio and video streams, VoIP and network traffic. Leveraging such cutting-edge capabilities, along with a wide range of features, HindSight enables synchronized operational debriefing capabilities of all the sources recorded with immediate availability.

The system offers the following operational benefits:
1. Enhance of doctrines and procedures and improvement of operational processes, by clear understanding of “what happened” in the events (all information sources, operators activities, interactions between people and systems).
2. Immediate preliminary analysis of events, by "on the fly" analysis.
3. Effective and efficient debriefing, by dramatic decrease of time and resources for debrief preparations, accurate data, and aggregated and synchronized replay of all sources.
4. Enhancement of systems training and assimilation, by utilizing real scenarios
Control Rooms