Weapon/Missile systems- Many modern missile and weapon systems are lethal to distances that can be observed using optics alone (2-5 kilometers). The operator operates the system leaving the commander without the ability to affect the combat situation. Using our rugged military command screen we return the command and control to the officer, and also have the ability to record video, audio and data from the systems for future debriefing uses. 

The requirements and specification for the MDVR3000 came from a tough IDF tender that allowed us to make an excellent product that has been fielded to all IDF observation and missile units. 

Later, we fielded our combat proven product to Europe which gave us a NATO stock number (which is impressive for a non NATO country).

The features that the end user gets from using our product are-

•       Commander situational awareness- while using the capabilities of the missile/observation system without interfering in its operation and thus applying Command and Control.

•       Critical evidence recording with USB downloading- this feature along with a buffer ability is what brings evidence of operation to the 9'oclock news, investigation, and courts.

•       Comfortable long duration viewing.

•       Team communication- because the MDVR gets it feed live from the system the ROE (Rules of Engagement) discussion is possible, "is that a gun?" "Is that a mortar on top of the vehicle?"

•       Debriefing- Live field debriefing of actions.

•       Simple BNC connector