MDVR 900C “MORS” is a fully integrated miniature rugged observation control panel and Digital Video Recorder.
The MDVR 900C “MORS” designed to fully control and operate the functions of various types of observation systems and cameras, as well as, extended capabilities such as incorporated Pan & Tilt control.
The MDVR 900C “MORS” designed with an open architecture attitude enabling fast adaptations to any kind of operational cameras or observation system exists today.
MDVR 900C “MORS” not only control all functions of the observations system but it also record its video output, thus eliminate the need of additional equipment and weight.
MDVR 900C “MORS” small dimensions together with its full compliance to environmental and EMC military standards make one of the only mini DVRs suitable for special units operation around the globe
MDVR 900.jpg
  • Land Forces
  • Missiles
  • Armored Vehicles
  • Naval
  • Air
  • Control Rooms