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military equipment dvrs


Using our rugged military command screen we return the command and control to the officer, are screen is combat proven in the harsh sea condition of salt and humidity. 
Furthermore, the MDVR has the ability to record data from the systems for future “Black Box” uses. 

military equipment dvrs

Ground Forces

Using thermal sight or observation systems units go to the field for long periods to look for irregularities’. The systems and sight are operated by a user, the commander uses the screen to comfortably view for long hours and have the ability to bring critical video evidence. 

military equipment dvrs


We provides professional solutions of high-end SWAT Teams and SOPS small, rugged, lightweight DVR’s with the ability to record video from Night vision camera with active and invisible IR Illumination, surrounding & communication audio and telemetry data near real time streaming.

military equipment dvrs


MDVR3000 (Military Digital Video and Data Recorder) is used as a recorder and “commander screen” inside tanks and armored vehicles operation. The commander in the front/top seat uses our MDVR3000 to see the area of operation and have his situation awareness and ability to record and report back.

military dvrs


Many modern missile and weapon systems are lethal to distances that can be observed using optics alone (2-5 kilometers). Using our rugged military command screen we return the command and control to the officer, and also have the ability to record video, audio and data from the systems for future debriefing uses.


To contend with today’s increasingly sophisticated and integrated multi-system environments, command and control (c2) centers, mission ground, aircraft and naval platforms, need to have a clear understanding of what is really happening across the full “system of systems” – data flow, operator and sensors performance.

Our clients

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Our special operational engineers together with our strong marketing team relates to the various customer needs and allows us to design and manufacture standard and unique products in both small and large scale production quantities, with fast response times to meet any customer-specific requirements, as well as to modify or upgrade products to meet customer- specific applications in an efficient and cost effective manner.

The company operates a Quality Management System and is approved for ISO9001-2015

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